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What is an escape game?

Um jogo de fuga, é um jogo de aventura física no qual os jogadores resolvem uma série de quebra-cabeças e enigmas usando pistas, dicas e estratégias para completar os objetivos em mãos. Os jogadores recebem um limite de tempo para revelar o enredo secreto que está escondido dentro dos quartos. Os jogos são ambientados em uma variedade de locais fictícios e geralmente os vários quebra-cabeças e enigmas seguem o tema da sala. São jogos ideais para grupos de amigos, despedidas de solteiro, teambuilding, festas de aniversário, etc. A diversão está garantida!An escape game is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, tips and strategies to complete the objective. Players are given a time limit to reveal the secret plot that is hidden inside the rooms. The games are set in a variety of fictional locations and usually the various puzzles follow the theme of the room. They are ideal games for groups of friends, bachelor parties, teambuilding, birthday parties, etc. The fun is guaranteed!

Escape Challenge offers you a unique, exciting, addictive and above all fun experience. Gather your family or your friends and come to feel in the first person the excitment of escaping.


Bookings by phone (+351 934092220), by email ( or using the form in the end of this page.

Get locked

You start the game locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to escape.

Find the clues

There are several types of puzzles in our rooms where logic and "out of the box" thinking prevail. PS: Do not forget the details.


All our games are prepared to be played in Portuguese and English.

Number of Players

All our games can be played by teams of 2 to 6 persons. If the group is bigger, you can split into two or more teams and play at the same time. The game "The Journalist" exists in duplicate, where it's possible to have two teams playing the same game and compete for the fastest escape time.

Bachelor parties

Are you searching for a bachelor party different from usual, fun and that won't be forgotten? Escape Challenge is a great solution.

Birthday Parties

Nothing like celebrating a birthday with an escape game. The fun is guaranteed for all participants.

Business and Events

Real escape games are considered true teambuilding activities. Our games were designed so that groups have to play as a team to escape.

Os Jogos

Existem vários cenários preparados para diferentes emoções. Escolhe o teu destino!

The Journalist

José Silva, a freelance journalist with bad luck finding news, decides to forge articles to sell to various newspapers.

Everything went very well until the day it was discovered, losing all credibility.

Going back to the origins, he decides to start kidnapping groups of people so he can write true news.

You and your friends have been kidnapped and have an hour to escape before José returns after selling the news of your abduction.

Will José sell another false news? It will all depend on you.

Difficulty: 2/5

Medieval Dungeon

The year is 1253. You and your friends were accused of blasphemy, being imprisoned in the castle dungeon.

The king is away and the nobles have decided that the sentence will be death by fire.

The executioner is on his way, and he should arrive within an hour.

Can you escape in time?

Difficulty: 3/5

Mental Hospital

It is common knowledge that mental hospitals are institutions specializing in the treatment of mental illness. However, not everyone is aware that they have also been the stage of extreme treatments and controversial therapies within the governmental and business programs, in order to control and dominate the human mind.

There are rumors that the Escape Challenge Mental Hospital hosted a secret program aimed at controlling the human mind, ending abruptly with the disappearance of some patients. There are recent testimonies that the doctor in charge of the secret program is back.

Based on recent events in your lives, you were sentenced by a judge to spend six months in a psychiatric institution.

The destiny was the Escape Challenge Mental Hospital.

You were the patients chosen to be part of a new project that will soon start.

Will you allow them to control your minds or do you intend to escape at the first opportunity?

Difficulty: 4/5

The Dealer

You and your friends belong to a special anti-narcotics unit.

Drug-related crime is increasing in our city and you decide to infiltrate the underworld of drugs by pretending to be distributors of a manufacturer.

You don't know how, but someone discovered that one of you was an undercover agent and decided to abduct the group before they could take the initiative of a possible arrest.

With the disguise lost, you have only the chance to escape from where you have been imprisoned with evidence that incriminates the supplier.

Difficulty: 5/5


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Prices and Bookings

Games "The Journalist", "Medieval Dungeon" and "The Dealer": The price of the game is € 50 per team (2 to 5 players). 6th Player for a further € 10

Game "Mental Hospital": value of the game is 60 € per team of 2 up to 6 players.

To book, please fill in the following form indicating your name, contact and indicating when you want to play.

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