The games

There are several scenarios available for different levels of emotion. Choose your destiny!

The Journalist

José Silva, a freelancer journalist with bad luck finding news to report decides to fake news articles to sell to newspapers. Everything was going smooth until the day he was caught, losing all credibility. After that he decides to start kidnapping groups of people and start writing real news. You and your friends were kidnapped and have one hour to escape before José returns from selling your kidnap article. Good Luck!

Dificulty: 3/5

O "Dealer"

You belong to the D.E.A. and you've been kidnapped by a suspect. You have an hour to escape with enough evidences to frame him. Can you do it?

Dificulty: 5/5

How to play

Escape Challenge offers you an unique , exciting, addictive and fun experience. Gather you family or friends and come feel what until now you only saw on movies.


Bookings by phone (+351 934092220), by email ( or using the form in the end of this page.

Get locked

You start the game locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to escape.

Find the clues

There are several kinds of enigmas in our rooms in which you have to use logic and out of the box thinking. PS: Don't forget the details.


Be quick and good luck!


The games are prepared to be played in Portuguese or English but you don't have to be fluent in any one of them.

Number of players

All our rooms can be played by groups of 2 to 5 persons. For bigger groups you can split in two groups and play against each other for the fastest escape time.

Companies and events

Real escape games are considered real teambuilding activities. Our games were designed for groups to play as a team to escape.

Price and Bookings

The price of our games is 50€ per group.(2 to 5 players). 6th player extra 10€

For booking please fill the following form and please let us know when do you want to play.

Our location
Escape Challenge
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