Explosive Mission

Play in the comfort of your home!

Escape Challenge is proud to present a new game ideal for those in quarantine! The new game is called "Mission Explosive" and can be played at your home.

Game history

You are part of an anti-terrorist brigade and you received a call from an undercover agent asking for your urgent collaboration.

Information is scarce and time is short!

The infiltrated agent has a remote detonator in his possession and it seems that some bombs were placed in Portuguese cities and there is a timer decreasing. It is currently in the 60 minutes.

Since you are considered to be the best active bomb defuser, you need to use your knowledge and manuals to help the undercover agent disarm the bombs. Right now he is your eyes and your hands!

May luck be with you!

Difficulty: 4/5

O que é?

Explosive Mission is a themed escape game, immersive and fun, ideal for teams that have a lot of experience in escape games and want to play at the highest level of difficulty.

How does it works?

We will bring the game to your door on a day and time previously agreed. When you finish playing you just have to return it. We will be waiting for you outside.

How many people can play?

The game was developed to be played with at least 2 players.

We advise two people in the same place and you can join friends remotely by making video calls.

An escape game without a specific scenario?

We know it can be weird, but we took that into account when developing the game. We will deliver everything you will need to make this mission a successful one. Please note that "Explosive Mission" is not a board game.

I live outside Porto. Can I play?

In this initial phase we only deliver to the Greater Porto area (Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos, Gondomar, Maia, etc.). For other locations please contact us.

How much does it cost?

The game has a cost of 40€ already delivered to your door for distances with a radius of 10km from our facilities. For every extra 10km there is an additional 5€.

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I have some questions:

You can send a message using the form above, send a message on facebook or instagram or contact us by phone.

Mobile Phone:

(+351) 934 092 220


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